Volunteerism – part of socially responsible business


On the 21st of September 2017. the Institute for social and educational politics held a lecture: “Volunteerism – part of socially responsible business.” as part of one field of work the Institute does – Socially responsible business.

“Volunteerism isn’t paid for not because it is not important, but because its value is priceless, and when it is observed as a part of socially responsible business of companies it gains in value, significantly. The time of economic giants that are nothing else but money-making machines is long past, and the socially responsible business is a bastion of modern business. Socially responsible business does not come down to only financial support in the form of donations, but is a more broader term that became science in and of itself which in its specter has more activities of which volunteerism is one of the most important because it represents the best form of social responsibility that a company can express to the community in whose surroundings it dwells.”

The lecturer was the CEO of the Institute – Mitar Radonjic.

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