The importance of corporative volunteerism


On the 14th of March 2017. the Institute for social and educational politics held a lecture: “The importance of corporative volunteerism.” with the goal to explain the idea of corporative volunteerism to business owners in Montenegro.

Corporative volunteerism is a term used in socially responsible business and covers all of the employer’s encouragement of employees to volunteer in a variety of humanitarian or other activities that help the common good. Corporative volunteering is defined as socially responsible business which builds and connects companies, employees and communities.

Investing in community through corporative volunteering, ie. volunteering of the employees of a company, apart from the development of philanthropy and social and community service activities, a positive influence and common value for entrepreneurship through team building is achieved. With the development of feeling of inclusion, belonging, auto-actualization of employees and the connections between all said factors, the reputation of the company is directly strengthened and with it, its value on the market.

With this opportunity, CEO of the Institute – Mitar Radonjic, expressed his personal and professional pleasure with the presence of seventeen owners or CEOs of companies that have attended the lecture, especially with the knowledge that as much as eleven of them are young entrepreneurs and that they saw the importance of corporate volunteerism as a part of socially responsible business. The lecture was held by the CEO of the Institute – Mitar Radonjic.

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